“Raph Clarkson is one of the rising stars of the U.K. improv scene”  –

Covering Raph’s work with WorldService Project:

“Trombonist Clarkson stands out with heavy and tough play, as the trombonists in Zappas band often did”
– Jan Granlie, blog

“Raphael Clarkson caught the ear with some inventive lines and a big sound to boot…consistently good trombone work”
– Bebop Spoken Here blog

“good solos from all concerned, especially Clarkson’s trombone”
– Bristol Jazz Log

“Raphael Clarkson plays some glorious trombone”

“killer trombone solo from Raph Clarkson, its mournful tone adding great soul to the track”
– All About Jazz

“Clarkson’s softly expressive trombone ushering things home.”

See the WorldService Project website for more reviews of the band’s work.

Covering Raph’s work with The Dissolute Society:

birdistheworm blog

“A triumph…brave, original music”

“fluent solos…a moving dialogue between [Huw] Warren on piano and Clarkson on trombone”

“A heartfelt bravura album from Raphael Clarkson and his collaborators, charting a journey from a dense emotional chaos out of which there finally emerges a joyful and passionate sense of deliverance”
-John Potter